Minutes of VMC Meeting

A meeting of the VMC members was held on 26.09.2017 at 11:00 PM in Principal room under the chairpersonship of Brig Praveen Chhabra(chairman ) of VMC and Vice chairman of VMC.

Agenda points:-

1. Construction New Tennis court and skating rink

2.Condemnation for obsolete items 

3. Water supply for greenery

 4. E-class room

 5. BALA-Building As Learning Aid

 6. Internet connection extension of speed up to 8     Mbps

 7. Website static to dynamic

 8. ICT maintain AMC

 9. Vacancies in XI and XII

 10. Partnership with other school as per KVS order the school has partnership with an upper primary Govt. School of Rajasthan Govt. located at 28 chak

11. Result with quality and quantity.  Efforts to be done.

12. Budget approval

13. Beautification of surroundings

14. Pending work of MES

15. Road, floor and rainwater harvesting issues.

16. Due amount in MES.

17. Purchase of UPS for Computers

 18. Any other point with the permission of the chairman.

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